India Overtakes New Zealand to Become the 3rd Largest Migrant Population Group in Australia

Indian contingent in Australia is now a force to reckon with. This is supported by the fact that the number of Indian migrants in Australia have been increasing rapidly over the past years.

As per preliminary figures released by Australian Bureau of Statistics, India has recently overtaken New Zealand to become 3rd largest migrant group in Australia. As of June 2018, 592,000 Indians call Australia their home which is approximately 2.4% of the overall Australian Population. This figure has seen a 30% rise since 2016.

Below table represents the list of countries with the largest migrant population in Australia in 2018:

(a) Estimates are preliminary

(b) With top 10 overseas-born countries listed for 2018.

(c) Proportion of the total population of Australia.


Although Indians are ranked third in terms of overall migrant population, however, in terms of countries with largest source of migrants on a yearly basis India has been ranked number one as per the “2018 – 19 Migration Program Report” by Department of Home Affairs. Below graph depicts the numbers for top 10 countries.

India has been maintaining its top rank and is currently the largest source country for migrants in Australia since 2016.

If we delve further deep, then skilled visa is the category that leads in terms of numbers. Below table shows distribution of visa by different visa streams for each of the top 10 source countries.

2018-19 Migration Program Outcome: Top ten countries of citizenship – By Different Visa Streams:

Note 1: Includes primary and secondary applicants.

Note 2: New Zealand grants were not counted towards migration program outcome prior to 2017-18

Source: 2018 – 19 Migration Program Report, Department of Home Affairs

A major source of increasing numbers of Indian migrants in Australia is their ability to get grants for many different type of visa classifications. In Australia, there are multiple visa types through which one can enter Australia and gain access to Australian Citizenship. The prominent visa types are as follows:

1) Student Visa

2) Work Visa

3) Sponsored Visa

Skilled Migration Visa

Out of the above visa categories, skilled migration visa is essentially a category of visa type wherein those migrants who have skills and qualifications to improve the Australian society and economy can apply.

When we have a look at the skilled migration visa numbers then, India has been leading the way w.r.t number of visa grants for this category. As of 2018-19, out of a total of 60,240 visa granted India accounted for 21,440 visas (more than 1/3rd share out of total visa grant under the skilled migration category) and at least four times more than the next country i.e. People’s Republic of China.

The India growth story is expected to continue to move ahead further in Australia as Indians increasingly are looking to apply for skilled migration visa to pursue their dream of a pathway to enter Australia. This means that Indians continue to top the charts in terms of visa grants for skilled migration category. The below table presents the data for number of Skilled Migration Visa for the year 2018-19.

Source: Department of Home Affairs, Australian Migration Statistics, 2018-19

Within the skilled migration category there are two most popular type of Skilled migration visa which are as follows:

· Sub Class 189 Visa (Independent)

· Sub Class 190 Visa (State Nomination Dependent)

To get the visa grant, the Australian government requires applicants to follow a point-based immigration system. The point-based immigration system is based on several factors i.e. age, education, work experience, language proficiency among a host of other factors.

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